Study Tables Board


Study table pic

In order to set up group studying, we need to know when we like to study! Go write up what night and subject you’d like to work with other residents with so all the tables can be set up on demand!

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Lifting Partner Board

With the weightroom under construction, there’s no better time to get rid of single solo use of equipment. Help cut down on the clutter of people in the gym by finding some lifting partners! List your name and time you could go to try and match up with other residents. Going to the gym can actually help relieve stress!


Weight Room Trip


I love going to workout during the week. Yesterday I had the opportunity to take 2 residents to the PAC for the first time and then have a healthy dinner at Bridgeway Stations. I will follow this up by putting up a lifting partner sign up bulletin board in the coming weeks to encourage more people getting in to use this amazing service!


About Me Board

About me

To help residents get to know a bit of background knowledge about me I made a board all about me life and my 2018 summer. If you ever want to know more about me my door is always open when I’m in the building! Also check out the huge QR code to visit my personal website!



Programming Wish Lists

Ideas Board

I want to make my wing as inclusive as possible. What better way to make sure my programs are enjoyable for my residents than to ask them what they want to see included! Go write something the you want to see included in my programming this semester!

#A place to belong